Certified Child Welfare Supervisor (CCWS)

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Certified Child Welfare Supervisor (CCWS)

The Certified Child Welfare Supervisor (CCWS) designation is for professionals who have demonstrated the specific knowledge and skills necessary to provide quality supervision in a manner that builds the capacity of front line staff in achieving the fundamental mission of child welfare providers: improved outcomes for children and families seeking safety, permanency, and well-being.

The CCWS designates competency in the performance domains of Leadership, Communication Skills, Performance Management, and Professional Child Welfare Foundations.

CCWS applicants must be employed by a NCBCWP recognized child welfare employer at the time of application and award; employment is not required to maintain or renew a CCWS credential.

The Center for Child and Family Studies (The Center), a 501c3 nonprofit supporting organization of the Texas Alliance of Child and Family Services (TACFS), has entered into a partnership with the National Certification Board of Child Welfare Professionals (NCBCWP) to implement programs necessary to prepare specific employees to apply for, test for, and hold the Certified Child Welfare Supervisor credential.

CCWS Credentialing Process & Policy

The CCWS credentialing process has several phases, including initial application, training and competency demonstration requirements, testing, and renewal requirements as summarized below.


  • Apply for CCWS through the provisional/upgrade process
  • Hold CCWS-P credential for a maximum of 12 months
  • Seek out intensive supervision while completing CCWS training, competency demonstration and exam requirements


  • Complete training and competency demonstration requirements
  • Submit NCBCWP CCWS certification forms to document achievement of requirements
  • Register for and take the CCWS 100-item, multiple choice exam
  • CCWS issued after passing CCWS exam for a period of no less than 15 months until the first renewal


  • Comply with annual continuing education requirements (20/yr)
  • Follow the Code of Ethical and Professional Conduct in daily practice
  • Renew CCWS every 24 months

CCWS Applicants, provisionally certified professionals and CCWS’ are subject to the NCBCWP policies and procedures as described in the following documents:

CCWS Application Forms

Application forms capture information necessary to verify achievement of certification standards. They are editable PDFs. Forms submitted for certification purposes must be typed.

  • Applicants submit the online CCWS Application.
  • Applicants download the four domain specific rated observation forms and the case file review and consultation form, complete Part 1, and provide the partially completed form to the qualified professional(s) who will conduct the observations and reviews.
  • The qualified professional completes Parts 2-5, secures the applicant’s signature on Part 6, and submits complete forms to their employer identified Certification Point of Contact to submit to the NCBCWP for processing.

Supporting Documentation Files for CCWS application:

How to Apply

  1. Create an online CCWS Application, completing all required fields of information and responding to all questions, statements of understanding, and agreements to comply with NCBCWP policy.
  2. Hold the provisional Certified Child Welfare Supervisor (CCWS-P) credential for 12-months.
  3. Provide NCBCWP mandatory forms to qualified professionals to document the rated observation and case file review requirements.
  4. Complete all training, observation, case file review, and testing requirements before the CCWS-P expires.

Key Information

  • The CCWS-P is issued when the online application and the Employer Attestation of Eligibility are received. The provisional credential is valid for a 12-month period.
  • Training occurs after the provisional credential is awarded.
  • Rated observations occur after training and before conducting a case file review for certification credit.
  • One rated observation must be complete in each of the four performance domains.
  • The case file review is not scored; NCBCWP requires verification that the review and consultation was conducted. The timeframe is established to allow CCWS-P enough time for transfer of learning to be demonstrated in case records.
  • The exam is proctored by sites approved by NCBCWP and The Center. Additional information about testing and retesting will be provided in early 2023.
  • The CCWS is issued when the exam is passed.

Congratulations! You are starting the process to earn the country’s first national credential for child welfare professionals: the Certified Child Welfare Supervisor (CCWS).

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